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multi double wavelength laser

Detailed Product Description

New Product
Double wavelength laser
650nm and 810nm


650nm probe

Wavelength     650nm

Output power   40mw

Operational  mode    Continue/Pulse

Time set            0-99


Freq      1-7 Nogier frequencies  8 continuous beam

810nm-A probe

Wavelength      810nm

Output power         100mw,200mw,300mw,400mw,500mw,

Operational  mode          Continue/Pulse 5 frequencies

Time set            0-99


Freq       0,1,2,3,4,5

 810nm-B probe

Wavelength       810nm

Output power           600mw

Operational  mode           Continuous beam

Time set           0-99

Supply voltage   110-240 V/±50Hz


 810nm is within the window of safety the human body and can penetrate into human body 7 centimeter , each spot only need to be irradiated for 3-5 minutes Analgesic effect, and can facilitate the release of substances in pain, reduce the stimulation of nerve endings.    




1. Put the plug into electric socket of 110V-240V .

2. Press the power button , red lamp on panel is light.

3. Mode Choose : press up --- laser works continuous wave

               press put down--- laser works pulse wave.

4. Press again the red button on Handy probe, the laser works .

5. The Buzzer will be interrupted tone tone when laser works.

6. Operational Mode : Change mode button  to continuous and pulse.



1. The apparatus output infrared laser , which should be avoid directly beating eyes . Directly beaming eyes by laser is absolutey forbidden .

2. For protecting eyes , the laser beam can be stared only after putting the apparatus on the therapeutic position and be stop before putting off the apparatus on the therapeutic position .

3. The laser output probe equipped with the optical system , so it should be moved gently to protect it form mechanical shock , falling of and should be kept from heat and damp .

4. Flammable anaesthetic and oxidizable gas such as nitrous oxide and oxygen , must be avoid to use in course of treatment , as well as cotton wool that can be fired with oxygen by high temperature produced by this laser apparatus in normal use course.

5. This therapeutic apparatus had debugged and tested before factory , please dont disassemble and assemble departments of the apparatus without permission. Please contact with manufacture or maintenance points for troubleshooting.