Output value of China's medical equipment maintained the 90s since the 20th century, since has maintained growth, the average growth rate has maintained remained 12% -15% leve.
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Detailed Product Description

The acupoints used for treatment on the ear (Shemen, Lung, Adrenal, and Addiction points) 2 time every day15 minutes one time. 

the following irradiation parameters:

power output:              50Mw

wavelength:                810nm

pulse repetition rate:       20Hz

radiant exposure:          24J/cm2

The acupoints used for treatment were on the ear (Shenmen, Lung, Adrenal, and Addiction points), and on the wrist/hand

Each point was in contact with the laser tip for the duration of one minute. Both the right and left sides of the body were used, making the total treatment time 14 minutes on each visit.



The Power of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is entirely safe and pain-free. A soft laser beam, applied to specific energy points of your body, stimulates the body’s production of endorphins. These are the natural body chemicals that have a calming, relaxing effect. When you stop smoking, it is primarily the sudden drop in endorphin levels that leads to withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings. Laser therapy will help relieve you of these cravings as well as helping with stress reduction and lung detoxification. The treatment gives you a natural high with a sense of wellbeing, thereby greatly reducing the temptation to take another cigarette. As a result thousands of people have stopped smoking thanks to laser therapy and indicate that it is statistically by far the most effective method of stopping smoking