Output value of China's medical equipment maintained the 90s since the 20th century, since has maintained growth, the average growth rate has maintained remained 12% -15% leve.
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laser Goggles

The eye is the most sensitive organ to the laser of human body .As a result ,the characteristic of laser, may cause the energy in the space and the time the high degree of concentration. Because the eye crystalline lens have the focusing the function, causes the retina in the unit laser area the illumination energy (power), enhanced nearly 100,000 times compared to the corresponding cornea incidence quantity. Laser monochromatic good, is small in the eye ground chromatic aberration. Because the pulse laser wounds reflects is much quicker than (reflection time of persons eye is usually 150-250ms, but pulse of laser light may short to 10-6s even 10-12 Slevel).
In addition because of instantaneous, in minimum area, energy release, therefore, even if the low dosage laser illumination may also cause the eye cornea or the retina serious damage. Moreover, the laser is the accumulative damage to the eyes of person, just do not started it, to discovery when it is premature. Therefore, the protection should start from the present, do not forget the time! The laser goggles is one kind by polycarbonate (PC) with the Australian big advantage industry import specific wavelength light attenuating material synthesis one kind of highly effective explosion-proof security goggles. The PC lens weight light, toughness is good, not broken, is on the international widespread recommendation ideal security lens. Its optics security performance completely satisfies GJB1762-93 "Laser Protection Mirror Physiology Health Standard". The laser goggles is comfortable, artistic, safe and reliable